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Andean Collective believes in fair trade by giving high value to the artisan’s work, basing our principles on a slow fashion movement. 

We are strongly committed to heritage, by preserving this ancient weaving tradition alive and showing the world Peru’s finest embroideries and textiles.

Our inspiration comes from our deep love for handmade pieces using beautifully textured raw materials to create effortless, handmade clothing with love for the free spirited woman. 



By each of our designs, our aim is to empower women throughout the Andean Mountains. They add magic through their hands and make the Andean Collective real.

Empowering women is powerful, specially in undeveloped areas like the Andean Mountains of Peru.

We work with talented weavers, encouraging them to show their capacity which will not only benefit her individually but the whole world at large.

 "When women support each other, incredible things happen"



For centuries textiles have been an integral part of Andean women's life, traditions and stories are passed through art forms such as weaving.

Each textile feature intricately woven symbols and patterns that have been passed down for generations, dating back to the Incas.

They are all handcrafted by indigenous artisans from the remote Peruvian Andes using all natural fibres and dyes.

The tradition of weaving stretches back through 5,000 years of history in Peru.

We are very proud to support these Andean communities, keeping this tradition alive.