Once upon a dream, during the time of my long walk-about a seed was planted and watered with love. Then Andean Collective was born from the fertile soils for the Bundjalung Nation in the Byron Bay Shire.

Andean inspired by nature and a deep connection to country. We create sustainably sourced and ethically produced high quality handcrafted luxury pieces that whisper of freedom, stand for morality and communicate the passions that drive us.

Driven by a deep love for our environment and a desire to elevate our global community Andean creates products of the highest quality, utilizing natures finest materials only from sustainable sources. Through integrity and transparency Andean desires to create a future where fashion supports a thriving planet, through sustainable sourcing, ethical production and minimization of logistically created carbon emission.

Here at Andean we deeply desire to be a positive example creating a path for the evolution of the fashion industry. Encouraging all to create pieces that aline aesthetics and ethics prompting the growth of a more environmentally conscious, sustainable and holistic industry.

All of our pieces are meticulously hand crafted by our Artisans in Peru ensuring we create timeless garments that simply out shine and out last industrially mass produced products. We aim to combine traditional global artistry, indigenous influence and the skills and love poured into each and every garment by our amazing community of Peruvian Artisans to create and share only the most timeless, feel good expressions of self for you to enjoy and wear for many years to come.

We work predominantly with strong women from our valued artisans in South America to our evolving team in Byron Bay.
Learn more about our artisans here: MEET THE ARTISANS

We are very proud to give back to humanity and guard Mother Earth while encouraging the creative endeavours of our team and helping to elevate the socio-economic position of our Artisans, their families and by extension their greater communities.
Our pieces are created in homage to strong women and men. Brave, independent and hungry to see positive change and growth within the consciousness of humanity, our choices, the footprints we leave, the statements we make and the fashion we wear.

Fabrics & Fibres

We believe that in order to be an ethical brand aspiring towards sustainability, it all starts with the fabrics and fibres we use and how they are sourced. As a slow fashion brand, we are dedicated to creating high-quality, low-impact, long-lasting designs that will be cherished for seasons to come. We use beautifully textured raw materials to create effortless, chic clothing for everyday wear.
Our fabrics are of the highest quality and are sourced sustainably. We source our alpaca wool and organic cotton from the Peruvian Andes. Alpaca wool is softer, lighter, warmer and more breathable than most other wools. It is considered to be a renewable and eco-friendly fibre and is believed to be one of the greenest fibres on the planet.
*No animals are ever harmed in our production processes. 


andean collective



The faces behind the clothes



"Hi guys, 

My name is Dan. I am the Director and Artist at Andean Collective.
I am a retired Professional athlete then Chef and Business Manager.
I have recently spent years on walkabout living nomadically gathering inspiration, healing and learning along the songlines of the East coast of Australia, until I found myself, happiness and Andean in Byron Bay.
I draw my power from my connection to country and find my inspiration within nature, human emotion, raw desire and Indigenous artistry from around the world
I wish to empower and uplift our artisans, support humanity and this beautiful Planet, while clothing the world in ethically produced, unique and sexy clothing that evokes positive emotion and speaks with a gentle power."


 "Hola, my name is Laura. I am an Artist from Madrid. I have fallen in love with Australia.

I am passionate about art, feminine expression through fashion, empowering our Artisans, Women and all of the people of Earth.
I find my inspiration along my travels and within nature from the warmth and turquoise hues of the Mediterranean to the Byron Bay shire."



Acknowledgment of country and culture.


Acknowledgment of country and culture. We here at Andean wish to express our gratitude to the Indigenous people of Australia by acknowledging the People of the Bundjalung nation, the Indigenous owners and caretakers of the land on which Andean stands.
We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging and recognise their connection to the country and role in caring for and maintaining this country for thousands of years.
We wish to express our appreciation for your traditions, Art and yarns.
Much Love... Andean Collective.