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ANDEAN COLLECTIVE is a small ethical label based in Byron Bay working closely with talented Peruvian artisans.

Our collections are inspired by a love of nature, we are using beautifully textured raw materials to create effortless, handmade clothing with love for the free spirited woman.

The aim is to create simplistic feminine clothing for everyday wear.

Learn more about our artisans here: MEET THE ARTISANS




Working with the artisans is quite an inspiring and at the same time very humbling experience.

We have different people we are working with, but its literally families or workshops with a handful employees, no factories or similar.
We work with Bruckner Peru NGO which works with families in places of very low income an resources. One of those places is Pamplona- a very poor suburb in Lima.  They are educating and training women in various trades, such as beautician, hairdresser and embroidery.

This gives them the chance to work for a for a fair wage and more importantly to work as free lancers from home. All of the women had kids or babies and working from home gives them a chance to be with their little ones.

These beautiful women are so lovely and proud that their creations travelled all the way to Australia





Embroidery has a long tradition in Peru, and different regions or families have different styles , as well as giving the knowledge from one generation to the other. We are working with a couple of families that have traditionally been in the embroidery business for generations.