A weekend with In The Flowers

A weekend with In The Flowers




As artists we are always looking for ways to express ourselves, be it through music, through technology, dance or fashion. 

Apart from Djing, Marcos is an audio engineer that explores the relationship of technology with music through art installations with Virtual Reality and Kimi works in the events space as well as video editing. 
With In The Flowers, we are inspired by music that makes us feel different, by music that takes you to another place.
Music allows us to see things from different perspectives, to feel things otherwise foreign to us. Then once we feel that, we are forever searching for ways to feel that again, forever searching for ways to express ourselves in manners that indicate that energy once felt. We see fashion as an extension of ourselves, the same way we see music, an extension of our personality.
Fashion, as well as music, is what allows us to tap into that energy, making it essential in this quest. 



Wearing ANDEAN makes us feel ourselves, it adds to this environment we are creating, it allows us to express not only through music but through fashion too. Collaborating with different creatives who share similar values is always important to us. We love how Andean has an eclectic aesthetic and encourages us to play with colour - it’s liberating. 
When picking outfits for gigs we often gravitate to loose and comfortable pieces that are groove appropriate for those big boogie nights! And as a couple we love to share and swap clothes. So being able to swap and layer our ANDEAN knits while travelling around Melbourne was a real treat. 
They often say we consume music through our eyes first, and if that is true then we could not think of better knits to wear while performing than ANDEAN.
Big love,

Kimi & Marquee

Photographer: Lara Cooper 
Copywriter: Kimi Brown - In the Flowers





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